Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the general dilution ratio for emulsion paint?

A. The ideal dilution ratio is 40 – 45% of water in 1 litre of Emulsion.

Q. What is the curing period for new surfaces?

A. We recommend a curing period of 28 days for new surfaces.

Q. What is the general procedure for application of emulsion paint?

A. The below procedure can be used for the application Emulsion:

  1. Use Emery paper remove loose particles
  2. Apply 1 coat of Ashirbad Paints cement primer for Basecoat. Allow 6-8 hours drying
  3. Fill dents with thin coats of Ashirbad Paints Acrlylic Wall putty. Allow drying for 4-6 hours. Sanding with Emery Paper 180 and wipe clean.
  4. Apply another coat of Ashirbad Paints cement Primer . Allow 6-8 hours of drying time. Sanding with Emery Paper 320 and wipe clean
  5. Mix 400-500 ml of water with 1 litre of emulsion. Apply 2-3 coats with 3-4 hours between each coat. For dark shades, apply an additional layer emulsion.